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2014-12-20 00:09

Bengalese Need No Sermon On Secularism From Gujrat: Firhad Hakim

State municipal affairs minister Firhad Hakim on Wednesday said that the Benglese need no sermon on secularism from a person from Gujrat.

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2014-12-20 00:03

1st Chakdaha Book Fair Begins

The first Chakdaha book fair was inaugurated on Wednesday by eminent writer Swapnamay Chakraborty at Shyamaprasad Maidan in Chakdaha

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2014-12-15 16:29

Two Died In Accident In Mohonpur

Two persons were died when a Maruti swift rammed on the back of a stationary lorry loaded with sand near Mohonpur on Kampa-Jagula roade on Sunday night. 

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2014-12-14 22:52

Former Trinamul MP Sucharu Joins BJP

Former Trinamul Congress MP from Ranaghat, Dr. Sucharu Ranjan Halder joined BJP along with former Inspector general of police Basab Talukder at a programme in Kalyani on Sunday evening

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2014-12-12 19:17

Bangladeshi Smugglers Attacked BSF Inspector, Chopped Off Fingers

Armed Bangladeshi smugglers allegedly attacked a BSF inspector in Maluapara in Chapra early on Friday morning with sharp weapons and chopped off four fingers of his left arm after being twarted a smuggling bid

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Colors of Harmony


Young artistes in Ranaghat took part in a drawing programme on Saturday which was observed as the communal harmony day. The programme was organised by Sukanta Pathagar, a local public library. A musical programme was also organised simultaneously that blended with color to make a unique harmony. NfN Picutre

Wall From High Rise Flat Collapsed in Kalyani

tl_files/images/article_images/1412/20141208-wall-collapse.jpg tl_files/images/article_images/1412/20141208-wall-collapse1.jpg

On Sunday morning an 8 inch thick wall of around 135 sq ft (15 ft X 9 ft) that rose from the edge of a cantilever of the multi storied building being constructed near the Market-II at B-1 block, had collapsed. The wall was supposed to be developed as one of the walls of an overhead water reservoir that collapsed at around 10.30 am from the top of the 4th floor building, which is about 55 ft high from the ground level. None was injured in the incident. Only a over head tank was demolished. However, taking note of the incident, the Kalyani Municipality authority stopped all construction works in the town for a fresh checking of building norms from security perspectives. A core committee has been constituted, which will examine the ongoing and new works to find out if any building norms specified under Municipal Acts have were violated. Picture by TAPAN DAS.

Special Story

2014-06-10 15:12

BARC-BCKV Agreement to Augment Agri Production Using Nuclear Tools

tl_files/images/article_images/1406/20140610barccentre_at_bckv.JPGMohonpur (Nadia): Gone are the days when fruits, vegetables and flowers would rotten in the cold store or on the way to market. Now a simple nuclear radiation using the gamma ray for few minutes could act enough to enhance the shelf life and to preserve the nutrient values. The nuclear scientists of Bhabha Nuclear Research Centre (BARC) would soon show the way to the agriculture scientists at the Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswabidyalaya that how the use of nuclear strategies and tools could be helpful to preserve fruits and vegetables increasing the shelf life and to augment food production improving the quality of different food crops.

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2014-06-10 15:10

qCard To Add Joy In Learning In Nadia School

tl_files/images/article_images/1406/20140610qcard1.jpgNagarukhra (Nadia): A school in a remote village in Nadia has radically changed the way for students to respond with their answers in multiple-choice question (MCQ) based class test. They do no more tick the right answers on the answer sheets, rather they wave sheets of white papers covered with black symbols to record their answer in the laptop of the class teacher kept on his desk.

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