A New Kind Of Star In Sweden


The hottest piece of pop culture news unique to the country of Sweden pertains to YouTube sensation, ‘PewDiePie’, also known by his government name as Felix Kjellberg, whose success has been achieved through streaming videos online of himself commenting while playing various video games. This work netted Mr. Kjellberg somewhere close to seven and a half million dollars last year.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is only twenty-five years old and has risen to the utmost heights one can reach for by utilizing YouTube. He is now, by far, one of the most popular global stars featured on the website, earning Kjellberg a rather unique kind of fame. His online subscribers number higher than the population of Canada, rounding it at thirty-seven million people. Extremely devoted followers of ‘PewDiePie’ are known widely as the ‘bro army’ and follow his every move. Felix Kjellberg started his YouTube channel in 2010. Only two years later, ‘PewDiePie’ had garnered one million followers, who reveled in his videos known for featuring his honed shtick of overreacting to certain aspects featured in well-known video games. In some videos, he could be seen looking overwhelmingly shocked and vulnerable, as if terribly frightened by the game, while in other content he would cackle and comment in a silly, entertaining manner.

Felix Kjellberg’s rise to popularity can be traced to the advent of what has been labeled ‘Let’s Play’, which is a video made by a video gamer featuring said gamer as he or she makes their way through a new game, all the while providing jokes and insight into the gameplay as they record themselves acting, and reacting to the game in real time. ‘PewDiePie’ isn’t the only ‘Let’s Player’ out there making money through this new form of entertainment. Many ‘Let’s Players’ earn their money by using Google AdSense, which presents players with the opportunity to make money off of targeted advertisements placed next to their uploaded videos. At the moment, members of the so-called ‘bro army’ can choose to buy shirts pronouncing one’s support of ‘PewDiePie’. The said shirts are currently being sold out of Kjellberg’s merchandise for twenty-six dollars.

However bizarre one might find the tremendous financial success of someone who plays video games and earns millions of dollars doing so, it should be noted that Kjellberg remains a dedicated philanthropist, and has started his own charity. Additionally, he’s donated to causes worldwide.